Super Bright LED Headlamp with XHP90 Lamp Beads Waterproof Headlight Power Display Suitable Exploration Hunting Fishing

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• Super Bright LED :The XHP90 lamp beads provide a super bright light that illuminates your path, making it perfect for outdoor activities like exploration, hunting, and fishing.

• Waterproof :This headlamp is waterproof, ensuring that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and keep you safe during outdoor activities.

• Power Display :The power display feature allows you to monitor the battery life of the headlamp, ensuring that you never run out of power when you need it the most.

• Suitable for Exploration :With its high and low switch mode, this headlamp is perfect for exploration, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Basic product parameters:

Model: T-071

Lamp bead model: XHP50/XHP90

Lumens: P50-2300,P90-4500

Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy

Power supply mode: 3*18650 battery (need to purchase)

Charging method: USB charging

Lighting mode: high/low/SOS

Waterproof rating: IP64 (not for diving)


  • Using XHP50/XHP90 lamp beads, the maximum lumen output can reach 4500 lumens, and the maximum lighting distance can reach 500 meters. It can easily illuminate a building and is your best choice for outdoor adventures.
  • 90° adjustable lamp holder to adapt to different scenes.
  • Stretch the head to zoom, suitable for lighting in different scenes.
  • IP64 waterproof level, it can be used normally in rainy days, but please do not use it for diving.
  • It supports power output and can be used as a power bank.

Package includes:

1 * LED Headlamp

3 * 1200mAh 18650 battery


1. For transportation safety, there is a layer of transparent plastic on top of our batteries, after receiving the goods, please take out the batteries of the product, tear off the transparent plastic and then2. When the product is low on power, please charge it in time, do not over-discharge it to avoid battery damage.

3. The waterproof of the product is life waterproof, can be used normally in rainy days, but not directly into the water or diving use.

4. We give you a USB charging cable, you can use your cell phone plug to charge the product.

5. About the lighting mode, press the switch, you can adjust different lighting modes.

6.If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at the first time, please do not give us a bad review, a bad review can not solve the problem, we will assist you to solve the problem, thank you for your understanding!




Brighter than car lights


Equipped with LED power indicator,always know the remaining power



Meet the lighting needs under different conditions

USB fast charging cable

Charge display


Ilt can be used normally in rainy days, but not for diving



Elastic elastic band, comfortable to wear

Shipping Continents: Europe

Additional information

Emitting Color

Package list

Body Color

P50-LED, P90-LED(Brighter)


Adventure, hunting, fishing, cycling

Model Number


Switch Mode


Model of LED Beads


Beam Angle




Light Source






Battery Type


Brand Name


Item Type



Mainland China

60 reviews for Super Bright LED Headlamp with XHP90 Lamp Beads Waterproof Headlight Power Display Suitable Exploration Hunting Fishing

5.0 Average Rating Rated ( 60 Reviews )

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  1. Ira Forster

    As described by the seller, but the packaging very bad, it has come down, broken and wrinkled, without any protection.

  2. Susann Masson

    received very quickly, much earlier than expected. Light seems powerful as expected. carton box was torn inside the plastic package but the item was not damaged. So I am very satisfied with it.

  3. Lorean Soni

    Must say it is very bright. Batteries are included and charged. Think for night fishing it is perfect. Sit well on the head and weight is still possible. Can recommend. Arrived quickly

  4. Gérald Noir

    Arrived all right product very good recommend and thank you for the attention

  5. Émeric Figuier

    The packaging leaves much to be desired, the box arrived half discarded as seen in the photos, but after seeing it mount it and taste it,

    The batteries are individually sealed, which I liked.

    The flashlight doesn’t weigh too much, good

    The front hook even though standar is not uncomfortable, it adapts well to the forehead, and the fastening elastics look somewhat resistant, with the. A little Thicker tape that seems to be a little quilt, and once the batteries are mounted… A powerful unit of 10

  6. Derrick Sclafani

    I have it in 10 days after purchase, super fast. Arrived complete, and well packed.

  7. Benoît Cortot

    Hello. Shipping/ultra fast delivery (bought 20, arrived 27)!! I left connected to the (cell phone) charger for 12 hours, and did not give the full charge! I hope it’s not in addiction/defect… Packaging came with kneaded… Recommend the seller!

  8. Carla Poole

    I bought the lantern for UAH 386. Shines perfectly. The batteries are new, in the film, like the lantern-the box was sealed. Focus is regulated by the screw/spin method-a very competent engineering move. Very satisfied with the flashlight! The only minus: there is no water protection of the battery receiver (there is a microgap through not tight pressing of the covers). I work in open space sometimes… You will have to draw the joints with duct tape, as an option. In general, for this amount, a very worthy lantern, it is better not found at the moment at a price of up to 500 UAH also with batteries, which, of course, I replaced with Videx 3000 Ma X3.

  9. Enrique Lutz

    Great product arrived fast and it seems to be very good now just test.

  10. Coleen Dragon

    Did not bandage what to do ale boxes with all the bent, torn, one lichtarik to return to the ticket for the box. It’s hard to get it, it’s hard

  11. Lisabeth Brennen

    The cargo arrived in my hand without any problems. Thanks. Zumlu and illuminates 200 mt Clear. At the top of what I expected. Recommend it, brothers.

  12. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Light strong and wide MB right long distances. On its price is excellent frankness. But the problem was that he saw the gift of cardboard

  13. Fernand Aveline

    Bought a lantern for fishing. Satisfied! There is a disadvantage. WHY ??? In the fishing flashlight, the strobe mode is a vision paralyzer. So that other fishermen fill my face?))

  14. Chae Jiang

    The product come as describe in website, it’s very nice to use. Delivery is surprisingly fast.
    I would highly recomment this store to everyone.

  15. Oscar Álvarez

    The product is good and the shipping is fast Thanks for the sale

  16. Clarita Pursell

    the headlamp is excellent, I use it every day for a week, it is very strong, the battery lasts for a long time
    I am very satisfied and I like it very much

  17. Speranzio Bartolone

    Ordered with curiosity. Unexpected that for 10.5 $ (with batteries) there could be such a flashlight. Pleasantly surprised by the greenish shade of light, it is not infuriating unlike hp360. The angle of the beam seems to be the same, but in the distance with such a spread it finishes off meters by 200.
    Of the minuses: puff lens, Micro USB charging.
    Despite everything, I think he will be my main one at work. I need just such a thing to be comfortable on my head, not pathetic, and interrupt the light of the masts (so that in the shade from them at a distance of 10 meters I could clearly see). Only the most expensive headband on the xhp360 could cope with this, but wearing it is a perversion. Cool practical Lantern

  18. Ted Basye

    Lichtar Whiglyadak is solid.
    In sets 318650, packing at the plivka.
    Foraging the boule is just in a silo bag, then the box and everything is poured.
    Lining of the country for 18 days, but also shvidko for the shelter.

  19. Mahi Reid

    Excellent flashlight, illuminates super well. Already comes with 3 very good battery. The focus is good and the zoom works right. I recommend it.

  20. Efan Wharton

    Lamp brightness good, packaging simple too. When the receiver is xộc xệch discrete.

  21. Korey Wu

    Very good quality of the lens, I have not tested the duration of the batteries

  22. Finn Junkermann

    Prayshov shvidko, tsiliy, pratsyu. Tse tatchik Z nobhnikiv. I’m a bad deal

  23. Verline Cordon

    I bought it for camping, I made a very correct choice, I researched a lot, it had the best f/p ratio when I bought it, it holds up very well with these batteries.

  24. Antonio Levine

    Looks and works as described. I recommend.

  25. Durante Sciara

    Super bright light. highly recommend

  26. Della Drew

    Very good product arrived very soon

  27. Jaqueline Phipps

    I got one battery. Package’s open.

  28. Samirah Hood

    Very satisfied with the speed and quality of the product

  29. Takako Ream

    Very bright
    Came with battery includes

  30. Néo Lortie


  31. Lluciano Marcos

    Package arrived ok and fast. The light is very strong, as described, im very satisfied.

  32. Micael Montes

    I haven’t tried it yet, but the light seems strong. I don’t know how it was packaged, but it was opened at our customs.

  33. Diedra Spath

    Flashlight is great! 3 PCs sealed batteries included. Arrived 3 days earlier than the estimated delivery date. Thank you very much to the seller!

  34. Branda Goshorn

    Powerful light, removable battery system so can be changed, arrived in time and very fast

  35. Lelah Pelosi

    The product box arrived all crumpled and opened, but nothing interfered with the operation of the flashlight. Apparently has great lighting.

  36. Patty Balser

    Lichtary of the priyshov tsiliy and non-hurdzheny, the 14.08 took the 31.08. Spvidnoshennya tsyna/yakisty they don’t need, I will be more satisfied than once!

  37. Thibault Silvestre

    The delivery came in 4 days .. I bought it for use when I was working, but it looks like it would be good for it .. I have three dry ones, so I have a little heavy feeling, but the use time is it’s long and I think I have to take it.

  38. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Lichtarik is kind, ale I got one, I’m not like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like.

  39. Devon Huntoon

    I liked the device, the curious one that seems to heat up with a certain fast time, in 4 minutes it is between 42 degrees.

  40. Andrea Xiong

    Poor design. The package came opened. The power plug is not C type. The battery unit came broken.

  41. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Item as described. Very good price considering 3 batteries are included. Apparently waterproof but I would still avoid the rain.

  42. Emma Carra

    Duzhe garny, the little yaskrawiy. Everything is good at the sets is not one battery, two cars came…

  43. Dastan Nurbolatev

    The flashlight is super, the Blue has come crumpled, shines bright

  44. Lanie Edwin

    Super-American Lichtar Maje Profi. Akam Nova and zarigeni. can vikoristovuvati yak paver Kily Sila mobile. About Yak nightly who bought for Ali yusb lichtar for a kopiky 1 cotton for a year

  45. Roderick Roth

    Mmme I saw like this, I don’t know, I found it a little time consuming, more not bad TBM, I thought good, more TBM no, the verdict is ,,, show, great luminosity, really warm a lot, do not know if affect the battery life more, depending on this real, great liked deliberately.

  46. Marlen Akhmetov

    It is as described by the seller, the pedi xhp90 and I do not regret how strong and white it illuminates, I am super satisfied, I recommend the seller

  47. Savannah Brotherton

    Great product, heavy batteries great, arrived before the
    Deadline, I recommend.

  48. Aasiyah Haney

    Great and bright lantern! I was satisfied with this purchase.

  49. Alfredo Lamanna

    Goods Shvidko Tsylny without poskzhen. I guess my friend. Seller recommend. The product is super.

  50. Winston Hyde

    The box at the camp is beggarly, if it is a miracle the lichtar tsiliy himself. Svitlo juge yaskrave. Can vikoristovovati AK me power bank, vihid USB Type A. likhtar

  51. Kathi Okamura

    The lamp looks correct and as described.
    Test to be performed before confirming the quality of the product.
    Hoping that the XHP90 option will live up to my expectations.

  52. Ildefonso Sollami

    Very pretty! Magnificent elastic the power cord and the bar trè good quality just single negative poin and the games at the level of the adjustment of the wolf only if it is half way half if c open or green à fon pas Games and a little easy to turn for my taste if I run with I p the look will get out of hand and that koze to play could benefit from a brui so vou run with it! I pence a join master will challenge himself and the rest may be very beautiful lighting lamp for big room thank you to the seller!

  53. Gianmaria De Sario

    Shipping was very bad .. But it’s been repaired and it works perfectly.

  54. Eleri Barnes

    Goods in the rumpled and covered packaging, the lichtarik fell in bags shabby. Everyone is pratsyu, though I don’t know what kind, because they threw a Bagato without packing the pokey was delivered. Put it on, sell it normally, and vinuvaty bandages. The undue siege was still stuck….

  55. Fritz Filippi

    Goods quickly delivered. The flashlight works. The only remark from my side is an overcut square led! It’s not horizontal, just a square is kicked! I don’t like it, but I will still leave it, because I need it very much for fish at the moment. But this is a big drawback!

  56. Shante Dezern

    The delivery is fast and the performance is very good
    It is very recommended

  57. Windy Milnes

    Product stuck and reached my hand in a week

  58. Wendelin Jonas

    Well packaged minimal waste. Exactly as described.

  59. Niam Mullins

    Very fast delivery, very professional seller I recommend it

  60. Sarina Santos

    Really she’s very well very powerful it just stays tested

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