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1.About Polish: THINKOBD 500 supports 9 languages. If you lack Polish after receiving the product, please contact the buyer and update the product according to the instructions. THINKOBD500 is updated for free for life.

2.About car models:Thinkobd 500 supports most cars that support OBD2 protocol after 1996, but not all car models, please consult store customer service before purchasing.


All-in-1 OBD2 Scanner ‒ Keep Cars Running Safely on the Road:

Read Codes: Read the fault code existing in the current ECU. (Application: Generally, the car instrument has a fault light on, and the current fault code can be read.)

Clear Codes: Delete the fault code in the current ECU. (Application: Carry out this function after the car trouble is removed, the trouble light goes out. If the current fault cannot be cleared, perform this function after maintenance is required.)

Live Data: Read and display the real-time operating data and parameters of the car ECU. (Application: By observing these real-time data streams, maintenance technicians can gain insight into the overall performance of the vehicle and provide guidance for vehicle maintenance.)

Freeze Frame: When the vehicle has a fault, a fault code will be generated, and the freeze-frame can be used to view the data of the vehicle at the moment when the fault code is generated. (Application: The maintenance technician judges the fault location based on the relevant data.)

I/M Readiness: This shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.

O2 Sensor Test: The O2 sensor test function allows you to retrieve and view the O2 sensor monitor test results from the vehicle’s onboard computer to view the most recently completed test.

On-Board Monitor Test: This function can be used to read the on-board diagnostic monitoring test results of a specific component/system.

EVAP Test: The EVAP test function allows you to initiate a leak test of the vehicle’s EVAP system. This tool does not perform a leak test, but sends a signal to the vehicle’s on-board computer to initiate the test. The vehicle manufacturer determines the standards and methods for stopping the test after the test has started. Before using the system test function, please refer to the vehicle’s maintenance manual to determine the process required to stop the test.

Vehicle Information: Read the version information of the current car ECU

DTC Lookup: DTC Detailed Description. Input the 5-digit code–View its detailed definition–View the diagnostic tips/solution for the current DTCs


Pass Emission Test Smoothly:

With this scan tool, you don’t have to drive around endlessly, continuously coming back to the repair shop for the retest.

You can do a quick check of the vehicle, to determine if it is ready to pass the emission test.

I/M Readiness

Check the readiness of the monitoring system. It is an excellent function to use prior to having a vehicle inspected for compliance to a state emissions program.

O2 Sensor Test

Retrieve O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.

-On-Board Monitor

View the results of On-Board Monitor tests. The tests are useful after servicing or after erasing a vehicle’s control module memory.

On-Board Monitor

View the results of On-Board Monitor tests. The tests are useful after servicing or after erasing a vehicle’s control module memory.

Get Effective Diagnostic Result:

Your repair work can be done in a short time by using THINKOBD as follows

Vehicle Information

Display the vehicle identification number (VIN), the calibration identification (CIN), and the calibration verification number (CVN), and other information of the test vehicle.


Mode $08 command tells your car to start a test of the “evaporative emission control system”, to prevent fuel from evaporating out of your tank and contributing to smog.

By this way, you can verify your fix right away, without waiting a few days (or longer) for your car to run it automatically.

Freeze Frame Data

Snapshot the precise conditions of the car when a fault code triggers the check engine light, to help identify the problem.

Live Data Stream

Display the real time PID data from ECU (as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, and system status information broadcast on the vehicle data stream)

The live data produced is accurate and tells you exactly what you require to know about your vehicle.

Turn off the Check Engine Light:

THINKOBD 500 enables you to clear the engine warning light, after completing the full obd2 diagnostics with ease. The main purpose of this tool is to:

-Scan the engine systems;

-Tell you about the nature of the issue;

-Give an accurate reason why the engine check light is on;

-Help to detect any potential problems;

-Avoid excessive costs for unnecessary repairs.

-The warning light does not turn off till you fix the issue.

DTC lookup

Every code in THINKOBD 500 comes with a description to aid technicians in efficient vehicle diagnostics and repair.

This will save you the trouble of having to go online to look for the meaning of a diagnostic trouble code. And you can also simply click on the error code selected so as to get an in-depth definition

Support Vehicle Coverage

THINKOBD 500 is compatible with most American, European, and Asian models manufactured as from 1996. It supports all OBDII protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN (Controller Area Network). If you don’t know your car OBD2 protocols that you could check your car OBD2 connector whether 16 Pin. If yes. This goods support to your car. Please take attention. This goods just check for your car engine.

Support 8 Languages

It also supports 8 languages that include English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German,Polish8.

Other User-Friendly Features

1.Plug & Play

You just need to connect the diagnostic cable into the vehicle’s DLC socket, and the code reader gets the power directly from the vehicle.

2.Easy-to-use Keypad

The reader has 4 button keypad buttons that make the menu super easy to scroll.

THINKOBD 500 users can operate up and down, press OK or use the enter button pretty easily, with a solid and effective touch to their delight.

3.Compact Design

The reader has a compact ergonomic design which makes it fit in the palm quite comfortably, especially made for people who don’t want bulky devices.

Packing list:

1*Main Unit

1*Quick Start Guide


The ThinkOBD 500 support to connect to a PC. Download and run the Update Tool, and select and print the data or update. It easy to operate following the steps. With a 12-month warranty, from the date of purchasing, the product has failed and is unconditionally replaced with a new one; For any problem, feel free to contact us directly.

Shipping Continents: Europe

Additional information

Ships From

China, United States, SPAIN, Russian Federation, France, Brazil


thinkobd 500



Material Type


Item Weight


Item Height


Item Width


Item Length


External Testing Certification



12V Input

Model Name

Thinkobd500 car code reader

Software Version

obd2 scanner

Hardware Version

OBD2 Diagnostic tool

Item Type

Engine Analyzer

Brand Name



Mainland China

Cable Length


Screen Size

1.77 inches TFT Screen

car diagnostic

auto diagnostic tool


DTC Lookup Function

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    Bad experience with this seller who has run out of a customer…

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